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Illegal/unlicensed Accommodation Establishments




Illegal/unlicensed Accommodation Establishments

For your Personal Safety and Security, avoid unlicensed tourist accommodation establishments

The Seychelles islands is reputed for its natural environment and for the hospitality of its people. However, like anywhere else in the world there are applicable laws which one must comply with and these include legislations which are relevant to the tourism industry. It is imperative that you educate yourselves about these legal requirements as most of them are there to ascertain your personal safety and security.

If you are planning a holiday to the Seychelles, there are many licensed tourist accommodation establishments for you to choose from and these range from small guesthouses, self-catering establishments and a wide choice of small and large hotels. Their prices vary depending on their location, facilities and services. All these licensed accommodation establishments are required to display their licence to prove that they are operating legally.

Please be aware that there are also untrustworthy people who prefer to offer illegal/unlicensed accommodation at a cheaper rate.  By opting for one of these establishments, you should be aware that your personal safety and security is not guaranteed.

Below are useful information as to why you should not stay at one of these unlicensed accommodation.


  • The location may be quite isolated with no clear direction on how to reach the establishment and it is easy for you to get lost especially at night.


  • Safety and security measures are not provided and you may find your personal belongings stolen as there is high risk of break in and robberies.


  • The establishment may be located in a highly dense residential area where there are dogs and other animals that may pose nuisance such as noise pollution, for example bothersome barking etc. Most residents are used to their local custom, and would normally play loud music and cause other type of noises which may not be conducive to enjoying a peaceful holiday.


  • Maintenance at these establishments are not guaranteed and most of the time they lack proper sanitation and have a poor level of hygiene. Fire safety may also be an issue.


  • The bedrooms are often small in sizes, and the facilities and amenities are very limited which may be quite uncomfortable.


  • The rate charged for accommodation may seem to be cheap, however you may be overcharged for any other products and services provided.


  • The majority of these illegal establishments have no insurance cover and in case of an incident where your health, safety and security have been compromised, you will not receive any indemnities.


  • Upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport if the Immigration officer finds out that you are booked at an unlicensed establishment, you will be referred to the Seychelles Tourism Board office in the arrival lounge where they will make a new booking at a licensed establishment at your expense.


  • It is advisable to request for a copy of the licence when you are negotiating for room reservation with any tourist accommodation establishment.



By taking informed decision you can go a long way towards ensuring your holiday in the Seychelles is a safe and delightful one.

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