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Tourism Seychelles hosts ParrAPI sales blitz

The Digital Marketing and Global Marketing Operations Team at Tourism Seychelles teamed up to hold a sales blitz for ParrAPI on Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

The first in a series of planned sales blitz, the activity aims at aiding businesses who are currently encountering difficulties with registration and creation of listings. In addition to helping businesses register and create their listings, the team’s one-on-one sessions with business owners also involved explaining the concept of ParrAPI, how it works and the benefits it carries.

Kicking off in the central and eastern regions of Mahe Island, the door-to-door involved eight pairs from the Tourism Seychelles Team, which included the Director-General of Destination Marketing Mrs Bernadette Willemin.

“ParrAPI is a tool designed for our local tourism players. It serves as a data warehouse where our partners insert their information, which is then distributed to other platforms including the destination website (seychelles.com). ParrAPI is an innovative way to manage data, ensuring that all the information is accurate and up-to-date. It gives businesses control over their own information and takes their visibility to an international level. The Sales Blitz has allowed us to help our partners learn more about the platform’s benefits as well as assist them with any difficulties they may face,” explains Mrs Willemin.

Other team members involved in the activity included Directors from the Global Marketing team Ms Stephanie Lablache, Mrs Lena Hoareau, Ms Karen Confait; Senior Executives from the Digital Section Ms Corina Andre and Mrs Nadine Shah; Senior Marketing Executives Ms Myra Fanchette and Mrs Natacha Servina; E-Marketing Executive Mr. Rick Samy, Ms Melissa Samardzija and Mr. Rodney Esparon; Mr. Wills Jean Baptiste from the Information Office; and several Marketing Executives including Winnie Elisa, Gretel Banane, Ingride Asante, Rolira Young.

Launched in April 2021, ParrAPI is a tourism platform which helps tourism operators across 12 various categories extend their exposure and ultimately attract more business online with cost-effective digital marketing.

Placing tourism industry players closer to their target audiences and giving them the opportunity to tap into new markets through a substantial digital presence, ParrAPI provides an innovative and effective solution to collect, check and share tourism information online, free of charge.

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