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How to Manual (Information Commission)

useful tips for visitors- final


 Resilient Economies – Session3- Seychelles

Accomodation policy (Revised February 2019)


 Seychelles Secret

Risk -Biosecurity

 Disaster Risk Management

 Safety and Security

SI 103 2020 – Tourism Development (Vertical Integration) (Amendment)

SI 102 2020 – Tourism Development (Accommodation Establishments) Regulations

SSTL Article for Seychelles

Tourism Development Act_2019

Final Report Tourism Carrying Capacity for the Island of La Digue FEB 2021

Carrying Capacity Study Stakeholder Presentation by STI- Mahe

Preparing for Climate Change in the Tourism Sector

Hazards In The Tourism Sector 2020 Low

Download for Landbase

Minimum Criteria for Change of Use – Self Catering (Effective 24th March 2020)

Minimum Criteria for New Self Catering (Effective 24 March 2020)

Minimum Criteria for Hotel (24 March 2020)

Minimum Criteria for Guesthouse (Effective 24 March 2020)

Minimum Criteria for Island Resort (24 March 2020)

Minimum Criteria for Restaurant (March 2018)

Minimum Criteria for Studio Apartments (Effective 24 March 2020)

Download for Maritime


Diving Policy

Tour Guide Policy






Yacht charter policy-2020

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