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Biosecurity can be defined as measures that are taken to prevent the introduction, establishment and spread of pests, diseases and invasive Alien Species (IAS) that can harm human health, the agricultural economy and biodiversity.

In Seychelles, the government has embarked on a broad approach to Biosecurity to protect the islands from harmful effects of pest and diseases including Invasive Alien Species (IAS) to animal, plant and human health and the environment. This is essential, so as to maintain its reputation as a destination of high natural and cultural values, a rich biodiversity and endemic heritage relatively free from exotic plants, animals, human pests; diseases and invasive alien species.

Invasive alien species are widely considered to be the second biggest global threat to biodiversity after habitat loss and the increase in the incidence and spread of these species globally is directly related to the continuous rise in international Trade, Travel and Tourism.

In Seychelles, there are restrictions on what can be taken into the country in relation to animals, plants, animal products and plant products which are categorized as regulated articles and restricted goods. The movement and/or importation of plants, animals and their products into the Seychelles are subject to import controls under the Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act 2014.

The National Biosecurity Agency (NBA)

The agency was set up under the Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act, 2014’.  It is the agency responsible for biosecurity protection in Seychelles with the mandate to prevent the introduction and spread of animal and plant pest and disease including Invasive Alien Species. This involves the control of movement of animals, plants, and their products in order to prevent the establishment and spread of invasive alien species, animal, plant pests and diseases that can harm human health. These control measures are important for Seychelles to sustainably develop the local agricultural sector and to preserve its unique biodiversity which are our greatest economic assets.

Please help the agency to achieve its goal which is to retain and sustain the Seychelles’ image with a pest and disease free status by preventing and minimizing all risks of introduction, establishment and spread of pest and disease including Invasive Alien Species (IAS) to protect and preserve food security, biodiversity as well as the natural resources of the islands.


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