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Disaster Risk Management

As a small isolated archipelago, the Seychelles is vulnerable to many natural hazardous events associated with climate change which adds to the urgency of taking decisive measures to put into action the Sendai Framework , which urges one and all to ‘use knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels’

Focus is now on disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change. This framework is putting emphasis on the need for collaboration and to have coordination mechanisms between all sectors and stakeholders at all levels. It is also requesting the full engagement and responsibilities of all public and private sectors including businesses of which tourism.

A souvenir picture with the Crisis Management team of a hotel after a busy session of reviewing information on disaster preparedness, safety and security in relation with Risk Management

Accent is being put on people centered preventive approach to disasters through risk reduction and on shared responsibility by involving all stakeholders. Given the importance of the tourism industry to the Seychelles economy, emphasis must be placed on ensuring its sustainability in the longer term. Reducing disaster risks through climate change adaptation will contribute to build the islands resilience and create opportunities for sustainable development.

It is therefore extremely important, for tourism businesses to ensure that they have risk and crisis management plans that address disaster preparedness, hazard assessments and monitoring, emergency response and evacuation procedures. It also imperative to have effective communication strategy and good public relations that will assist them to handle any crisis or emergency situation including disaster incidents, especially when communicating information to various stakeholders including the Media  .

PDF files to Downloads

Manual for Large Tourism Businesses

Manual for Small Tourism Businesses

Guidelines to develop standard operational procedures

Guidelines to develop an emergency response plan

Template for small Tourism businesses

Template for emergency response plan for large Tourism businesses

Building structural safety checklist

Non structural hazards checklist

Hazard Report Form

Disaster incidents record form

Communication procedures

Seychelles emergency essential contact numbers

A Guide to tsunamis for Hotels

Factsheet climate change Seychelles


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