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Role and Function of Department of Tourism


The Department of Tourism is mandated to encourage the development of the tourism industry in Seychelles, whilst reflecting management decisions and interest, prescribing, regulating, maintaining and enforcing the standards to be maintained by the different operators of the tourism industry as well as ensuring that the industry is prepared and able to respond to any crisis regarding safety and security of tourists.

The Department, through its Tourism Human Resource Development section will consult with the Seychelles Tourism Academy to ensure the provision of adequate human resources to meet the tourism industry quality service needs. The tourism human resource department will also carry out regular sectoral consultations and research studies so as to identify national tourism training needs and assist to develop human resource policies and plans for the sector.

Officers of the Policy Development, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation section are responsible for ensuring that tourism administrative matters that come before the Ministry are properly managed and the portfolio well-coordinated. Officers will ensure that the required researches and surveys are undertaken and develop policies that are forward-looking and based on government’s priorities whilst constantly re-evaluating the sector’s policies so as to produce ones that deal with emerging problems.

The Product Development Section will have the responsibility to oversee and coordinate the development of appropriate standards and guidelines for all tourism activities and the implementation of the different hotel grading programmes with a view to ensure that the local tourism product matches the image of the destination. The section shall be instrumental in advocating sustainable tourism development through responsible tourism practices and implementation of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL). The section shall also be responsible for identifying possibilities for diversification of the tourism product to guide future investments in the tourism sector and providing advice on product upgrading of tourism facilities as well as the formulation of relevant policies related to product enhancement and diversification in order to maintain quality standards and sustainability of the industry in line with the image of Seychelles.

The Standards and Monitoring Section has the mandate to establish a code of practice for tourism enterprises and ensure that they are complied with. In doing so, it will ensure quality assurance in the tourism industry by assisting tourism businesses to strive and maintain desirable standards and offer value for money through constant monitoring, inspecting and regulating of all tourism businesses. Inspections are carried out with both land and maritime based activities/operations by monitoring and inspecting the standards of all licensed tourism accommodation and catering establishments, maritime and maritime related businesses.

The Risk Management Section is responsible for assessing potential risks in the tourism industry with the objective of providing guidance on measures to be adopted during policy formulation and decision making process. The Section shall sensitize tourism operators, MDAs, tourists including the islands’ population on risks affecting tourism as a sector.

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