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Seychelles Tourism Academy organises training for Tourism Commission Agents

The In-Service section at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) in collaboration with the Department of Tourism organised another training for Tourism Commission Agents on Saturday 10th April at the STA Campus, La Misère. This training is a pre-requisite for anybody wishing to become a licensed tourism commission agent. The training saw the participation of 19 enthusiastic individuals who are willing to make their contributions towards the tourism industry.

The training was more oriented towards Customer Care and featured topics such as ‘Understanding Customer Service’ and ‘Communication’. The morning sessions were facilitated by Mr. Maxime Louise, the Head of Programme for Apprenticeship, TVET & In-Service and Ms. Cecile Payet, the Head of Programme for the Advanced Certificate Level at STA. In the afternoon, the Director for Tourism Human Resource Development at the Department of Tourism, Ms. Diana Quatre, explained the process, which the participants had to undertake for them to become safe certified so that they can start providing their services to visitors. Within this new normal context, all tourism businesses have to be both licensed and safe certified in order to operate.

Speaking at the certificate presentation ceremony at the end of the session, the Acting Director/Deputy Principal of STA, Ms. Brigitte Joubert congratulated the participants for devoting their time and willingness to work in the Tourism industry. She urged them to make Seychelles proud when providing their services to our visitors. On their end, the participants also expressed their gratitude for the well organised training

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