Unlocking Opportunities: Seychelles Gains Momentum in Riyadh with Travel Agent Dinner

Following the success of the recent Travel Agent Networking Dinner in Jeddah, Tourism Seychelles Middle East Dubai Office continued its momentum by hosting a similar event in Riyadh, KSA, on December 12th, 2023, at the prestigious Shadow Lounge Restaurant. The event, attended by 22 respected travel agents, marked a significant step towards strengthening ties with the regional travel industry.

The highlight of the evening was the increased interest in travel to Seychelles, with a positive uptick in bookings from Riyadh. Seychelles has emerged as a preferred destination among elite clients, with many travel agents reporting confirmed bookings for 2024.

In a notable shift, the travel agents expressed a preference for direct hotel bookings, highlighting a new trend in the industry. Previously, the focus was more on Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and tour operators. This change in booking patterns underscores the agents’ commitment to ensuring personalised attention and care for their clients.

During the networking dinner, the travel agents expressed a desire for a Familiarisation Trip (FamTrip) to Seychelles, emphasising the importance of firsthand experience to enhance their confidence and knowledge when promoting Seychelles to their clients. This aligns with Tourism Seychelles Middle East Dubai Office’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to travel agents.

The event also paved the way for exciting opportunities for collaboration between Tourism Seychelles and travel agents. Discussions were held on joint promotional activities and initiatives to further boost Seychelles’ appeal in 2024.

Ahmed Fathallah, representing Tourism Seychelles Middle East, expressed delight with the outcome of the Travel Agent Networking Dinner in Riyadh and looks forward to building on this success in future collaborations.

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