Tourism Department and The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) Forge Strategic Partnership with Signing of MOU

The Tourism Department and The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) have solidified their commitment to collaboration and advancement with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This initiative, spearheaded by the Tourism Department’s Industry Human Resource Development Unit, aims to enhance the balance of local talent, ensuring Seychellois benefit from sector growth and increased tourism earnings.

The signing ceremony, held on Thursday, 16th May at Botanical House, marked a pivotal moment for both organisations as they united to drive innovation and growth in Seychelles’ tourism sector.

The MOU, signed by Mrs. Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, and Mr. Patrick Bristol, Executive Director at TGMI, establishes a robust framework for partnership, focusing on corporate and educational cooperation, capacity building, and research endeavours.

At the heart of the MOU is the development of accredited short-course programmes tailored to meet the evolving needs of the local tourism industry. Under the supervision of the Tourism Department, TGMI will spearhead the creation of these programmes, ensuring alignment with industry requirements and standards.

Moreover, the partnership will facilitate the delivery of skills development and competency training, benefiting both the Tourism Department and local tourism businesses.

The initiative will offer a variety of short courses aimed at enhancing the professional skills of workers, operators, and managers. These courses include upselling techniques to boost sales, digital marketing strategies to grow their online presence, and bookkeeping essentials for effective financial management. Additionally, there will be refresher training in reservation and online booking systems, interior decorating to refine design skills, and customer care excellence and communication skills to improve client interactions.

Mr. Patrick Bristol, Executive Director at TGMI, emphasised that the training offered is not a direct competition with the Seychelles Tourism Academy but rather seeks to complement the institute’s offerings by providing additional training.

Mrs. Sherin Francis, PS for Tourism, highlighted that industry skills development and competency training remain key objectives of the department, aligning with national priorities for sustainable socio-economic growth and people-centred development.

“This strategic partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing educational and developmental initiatives within Seychelles’ tourism sector. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, the Tourism Department and TGMI are poised to usher in a new era of innovation and excellence, driving the Seychelles tourism industry to greater heights,” Mrs. Francis stated.

Collaboration between the two entities will extend beyond educational endeavours to include support for tourism-related events, conferences, and presentations organised by TGMI. Additionally, both parties will work hand in hand to identify guest lecturers and facilitate the acquisition of participants for training programmes.

By enhancing the skill set of industry professionals, the Tourism Department aims to enhance Seychelles’ tourism ecosystem, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness.

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