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Safety and Security


Seychelles, enjoys a low level of crime. Nevertheless, like anywhere else in the world, visitors must always take reasonable personal safety precautions as opportunist crime does happen and it can be best described as when an opportunity presents itself and subsequently tempts a person to steal.

 Safety Advice

It is recommended that routine precautions are taken to ensure your personal safety and to protect your possessions. Most accommodations offer room or reception safes to secure your valuables. Visitors are advised not to leave their belongings or personal property unattended in rooms, on the beach whilst swimming or visible in cars.

Do not carry large sums of money or valuables on your person. Walking alone on isolated beaches, nature trails or leaving hotel rooms and windows or yachts at their moorings unlocked is not advisable. Always buy your excursions from a licensed boat charter operator, your hotel or travel agent representatives can assist you with verification.

Refrain from offering rides to strangers as this may lead to personal belongings in your vehicles being stolen. Always let someone know your whereabouts and expected time of your return.





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