The aim of the hotel classification programme is to achieve a greater degree of standardization and professionalism within the tourism industry.

An established grading system allows discerning visitors to know any hotel’s standard in advance and what to expect of the product offering before making a purchase. It is important to understand that one of the major factors that influence a visitor’s choice of a destination is the standard of facilities and services on offer.

Governments as well as private sectors in the neighbouring comparable destinations are devoting increased attention and resources on raising the overall standard of accommodation facilities and sharpening the skills of resorts employees. If the Seychelles is to compete effectively with these destinations, it is imperative that due attention is given to this important aspect of the hospitality operation and management.

The setting up of this Classification System is necessary to better showcase our product diversity, allow establishments to better sell their products and manage clients’ expectations. For this programme, a set of criteria has been developed consisting of physical, service, universal accessibility and sustainability assessment areas.

Objective of the classification programme

Implementation of the Classification Programme assists the Tourism Department in achieving greater standardisation and professionalism within the industry, as information regarding the quality and standards of tourism facilities and services is provided in a more structured and transparent manner.

  • Potential visitors and travel operators alike are able to make informed decisions and choices and get the assurance that they/their clients will receive value for money.

  • Sharpen the destination’s image, as the programme acts as a primary marketing tool for the industry creating better awareness of the product offering.

  • Works as a development tool to raise standards by providing operators with information on shortcomings and necessary improvements needed to maintain a grade or improve on it.

  • Provide a control instrument to measure quality and sustainability.

  • Acts as a benchmarking instrument which enhances fair competition.

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