Seychelles Stands Out at the 39th Seoul International Travel Fair

The 39th Seoul International Travel Fair (SITF), held from May 9th to 12th, brought together 40 countries and over 400 institutions and companies, all united under the theme “Gastronomy Tourism,” inspired by the UN’s concept of culinary travel.

Tourism Seychelles made a notable impression, represented by Amia Jovanovic-Desir, Manager for Southeast Asia, and Winnie Elisa, Marketing Executive. Their 9 sqm booth, adorned with captivating images of Seychelles’ underwater scenes and lush landscapes, aimed to boost awareness and visibility of Seychelles in the South Korean market. The booth attracted numerous divers and nature enthusiasts, with the female Coco-de-Mer nut being a particular highlight for many visitors. The booth drew a diverse crowd, including honeymoon planners and families revisiting cherished memories. Many visitors were initially unaware of Seychelles’ location, highlighting the need for increased educational efforts in the market. Promotional activities included a destination video and materials for tour operators, which successfully captured visitors’ interest.

Young and adventurous travellers showed significant interest in exploring nature, hiking, golfing, and diving in Seychelles. Ms Amia Jovanovic-Desir discussed plans to heighten awareness through influencer partnerships and social media campaigns, aiming to generate demand in these segments.

Beyond the fair, the Tourism Seychelles team held sales meetings with tour operators, reinforcing their commitment to featuring Seychelles in travel brochures. They also connected with key media partners to secure future coverage, emphasising the importance of a stronger presence in South Korea. Discussions included the potential establishment of a Representation Office to overcome language barriers and respond to information requests.

Speaking after the event, the Tourism Seychelles Manager for Southeast Asia highlighted that SITF serves as an excellent platform for engaging with trade partners and media to boost collaborative promotional efforts.

“SITF is a perfect platform that offered us the opportunity to meet and discuss with genuine tour operators and travel agents, as well as prominent media and journalists, whom we can collaborate with through barter concept to push for the destination’s visibility. The South Koreans are high spenders, and we must increase the market share to Seychelles,” added Amia Jovanovic-Desir.

Tourism Seychelles remains dedicated to building robust destination awareness through targeted media campaigns and ongoing agent training. Despite challenges like the lack of direct air links, their strategy focuses on promoting diverse travel experiences to ensure unforgettable holidays for all visitors.

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