Tourism Seychelles kicks off summer consumer promotion with “The Multiple Worlds of the Islands” photo exhibition.

Tourism Seychelles, in collaboration with Constance Ephelia, Constance Lemuria, Limi Travel and HUAWEI, launched “The Multiple Worlds of the Islands” photo exhibition in Nanning city, the bustling capital and largest city by population of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China.

Held between 20th to 26th of June, the photo exhibition aimed to captivate the curiosity of avid photographers in the local market and draw them closer to the allure of Seychelles as a destination. Present at the exhibition were renowned photographers Mr Hu Wupeng and Mr Wang Jin, who provided valuable tips on capturing the essence of Seychelles through the lens.

The exhibition featured a collection of 53 photos, most of which were of Seychelles, photographed by the recently launched HUAWEI P60 series. Visitors were treated to a visual journey through the archipelago’s pristine landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture.

As part of the exhibition, two consumer-sharing events were organised on June 20th and 21st, attended by 71 consumers on-site, including the VIC (Very Important Clients) for HUAWEI and Limi Travel. Over the course of six days, the exhibition attracted 448 visitors, while the online promotion reached an astounding 1.03 million local consumers.

During the event, the senior marketing executive of Tourism Seychelles’ China office, Mr Sam Yu, presented visitors with tourism resources of the destination. With the stunning visuals on display, the exhibition served to inspire a new wave of travellers to discover the wonders of Seychelles’ enchanting islands.

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