Tourism Seychelles concludes successful marketing media tour in Réunion

The Director General for Destination Marketing at Tourism Seychelles, Mrs Bernadette Willemin, has concluded a highly successful marketing visit in Réunion from December 6th to 10th.

The mission, which included a media tour and meetings with industry partners in Réunion, aimed at fostering valuable connections and sharing exciting updates about Seychelles as a premier tourist destination.

Accompanied by Ms Bernadette Honore, Tourism Seychelles’ representative for Réunion Island and the Indian Ocean, Mrs Willemin engaged in a comprehensive series of press interviews, strategically targeting prominent media outlets to amplify Seychelles’ appeal and provide insights into upcoming events in 2024.

On the initial day of her visit, Thursday, December 8th, Mrs Willemin participated in interviews with Femme magazine and Clicanoo media. These interviews aimed to update the press on Seychelles as a destination and provide information on upcoming events scheduled for 2024.

On Friday 9th, La Réunion’s primary state television station, Réunion La Première television, extended an invitation to the Director General for Destination Marketing to participate in a live interview discussing the recent developments in Seychelles.

During the interview, Mrs Willemin highlighted Seychelles’ return to normalcy following the lifting of the state of emergency. Mrs Willemin assured Réunion’s visitors planning to travel to Seychelles for the Christmas festive season that the destination remains a safe travel choice.

Mrs Willemin then met with Air Austral’s newly constituted Board of Directors, including Mrs Claire Tabakian, Executive Director Commercial & Alliance (Directrice executive commercial & Alliance), Mr Robert Bourquin, Commercial Director Indian Ocean (Directeur Commercial Océan Indien), Mrs Emmanuelle Naoures, Director Image & Communication (Directrice Image & Communication), and Mrs Sophie Hainaut, (Responsible for Communication Media).

The meeting was strategically timed to reassure the airline that business activities in Seychelles are back to normal and to confirm the destination’s continuous safety. Mrs Willemin also used the occasion to emphasise Tourism Seychelles’ steadfast commitment to cultivating a productive and mutually beneficial commercial collaboration.

Concluding her visit on Saturday 10th, Mrs Willemin held a gathering with approximately 40 invitees, including the press, esteemed dignitaries, and trail clubs. The purpose of this event was to generate excitement about the Seychelles International Trail competition scheduled to take place on May 11, 2024.

Mrs. Willemin mentioned that a forthcoming local event is in the works, where Tourism Seychelles and local collaborators on Mahé will unveil more captivating details about the second edition of the Seychelles Nature Trail early the next year.

Mrs Willemin expressed gratitude for the warm reception in Réunion and the opportunity to strengthen ties between Seychelles and Réunion’s media, travel industry, and other key stakeholders.

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