Tourism Seychelles Brings Tropical Paradise to the 27th EMITT Fair in Istanbul

Tourism Seychelles proudly announces its successful participation at the 27th EMITT fair held in Istanbul from February 6th to 9th, 2024. The event served as a platform to showcase the breathtaking beauty and allure of the Seychelles archipelago to a diverse international audience.

During the fair, Tourism Seychelles captivated the attention of visitors, with its stand, adorned with unique artwork capturing the essence of beach, nature, and diving scenery. The stand garnered significant interest from tour operators, agents, and consumers from various countries, including Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and other CIS states.

More than 170 international hosted buyers and direct consumers engaged with Tourism Seychelles representatives, Mrs Amia Jovanovic-Desir and Ms Myra Fanchette, demonstrating a growing interest in the destination. The primary focus of Tourism Seychelles’ participation was to enhance destination awareness, visibility, and stimulate demand for travel to Seychelles.

One notable observation was the lack of awareness about Seychelles amongst many direct consumers visiting the stand. In response, Tourism Seychelles provided informative destination videos and presentations to educate visitors about the attractions and offerings of the islands. Plans for consumer promotions aim to further educate and drive interest in travelling to Seychelles.

The participation in EMITT provided an invaluable opportunity for Tourism Seychelles to connect with various media outlets and discuss future collaborations to increase destination visibility and coverage.

Identified challenges include the need for continuous training of tour operators on the concept of island hopping and improving knowledge about selling Seychelles effectively. Tourism Seychelles remains committed to providing ongoing training to travel agents and tour operators as part of its marketing objectives to increase demand for travel to Seychelles.

The fair also facilitated discussions on addressing concerns regarding flight availability, with many consumers expressing a preference for direct flights to their destination. Tourism Seychelles recognizes the importance of addressing these concerns to meet consumer preferences and enhance accessibility to Seychelles.

Participation in the EMITT fair has provided valuable insights into consumer trends and demands, guiding Tourism Seychelles’ strategic approach to promoting the destination. The event has also opened doors to new partnerships and opportunities, reaffirming Seychelles’ position as a premier travel destination.


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