Strengthening Seychelles-Turkey Tourism Ties: Tourism Seychelles Holds Fruitful Talks with Turkish Airline

In a proactive move to enhance the relationship between Seychelles and Turkey and to explore new avenues in the tourism sector, a high-level delegation from the Seychelles Tourism Department embarked on a significant work visit to Istanbul, Turkey. The central focus of the visit was a crucial meeting held on Thursday, March 14th, with executives from Turkish Airlines.

The delegation was headed by Minister Sylvestre Radegonde, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, accompanied by Mrs Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, and Mrs Bernadette Willemin, Director General for Destination Marketing. The Seychelles delegation met with Mr Bilal Eksi, Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Airlines and members of his team including Mrs Ozlem Salihoglu, Senior Vice President of International Relations and Alliances and Mr Hikmet Turkseven, Vice President of Sales.

The meeting’s discussions centred around optimizing airline routes, improving connectivity, refining promotional strategies, devising collaborative tourism partnerships, and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Minister Radegonde expressed his optimism about the meeting’s outcomes, remarking, “This was important to strengthen Seychelles-Turkey ties in tourism. We are confident that the discussions and collaboration with Turkish Airlines will enrich the overall travel experience for our potential and returning visitors.”

Echoing similar sentiments, the Turkish Airlines delegation re-affirmed their dedication to strengthening the relationship with Tourism Seychelles. Both parties shared enthusiasm about the potential growth in tourism traffic and subsequent economic benefits for Seychelles and Turkey that would result from these collaborations.

During their mission in Turkey, the Seychelles delegation also toured the recently inaugurated cruise ship terminal, Galataport in Istanbul, renowned globally for its excellence in facilitating cruise ship operations.

Presently, Turkish Airlines facilitates connections to Seychelles with three weekly flights via its Istanbul hub, providing seamless access for travellers.

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