International Tourist Guide Day- Message of Minister Sylvestre Radegonde, Seychelles Minister for Tourism

“As we commemorate International Tourist Guide Day tomorrow Wednesday 21st February 2024, it is a perfect occasion to acknowledge and honour the vital role that tour guides play in our tourism sector.

Tour guides are the heart and soul of our tourism sector, serving as ambassadors who not only showcase the beauty of Seychelles but also share our rich history, culture, and heritage with visitors from around the world.

Beyond being knowledgeable about the destination, our tour guides possess the remarkable ability to connect with travellers on a personal level, ensuring their safety, comfort, and satisfaction throughout their journey. Through their professionalism and enthusiasm, they have the ability to elevate the overall tourism experience, encouraging visitors to return and recommend Seychelles to others.

On this special day, I extend my deepest gratitude to all Seychellois Tour Guides for their persevering dedication to showcasing the wonders of Seychelles to the world. Their commitment and efforts significantly contribute to the success and growth of our tourism industry.

Let’s come together to wish our Seychellois Tour Guides a Happy International Tourist Guide Day, recognising their invaluable contributions to our tourism industry.”

Sylvestre Radegonde
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism

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