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Policy on Tourism Accommodation - Revised February 2019

Tourism accommodation is a multi-sectoral operation. All accommodation establishments must comply with the standards and requirements on the building code, fire and health regulations and others in addition to those established by Tourism Department.

These standards are established by different technical agencies/departments, whose powers are constituted
under different statutes and laws. As such the issuance of a license does not absolve the license holder to comply with other laws and obligations imposed by other statutory bodies or government departments.

The Seychelles Licensing Authority

The Seychelles Licensing Authority, established under the Licenses Act, is the only body authorized to issue licenses to operators of accommodation establishments. It regulates the business side of
the operation under the Licenses (Accommodation, Catering and Entertainments) Regulations.

The Planning Authority

The Planning Authority and the Ministry for Land Use and Housing are responsible for ensuring compliance with the building code and planning and land use laws and regulations. Its roles and functions are elaborated in various acts, the main one being the Civil Code of Seychelles, the Town and Country Planning Authority Act and its subsidiary legislation.

The Department of Environment

The Department of Environment is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations. Its powers and functions are very broad and granted under various statutes, the main one being the Environment Protection Act. They decide and set the scope and terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a project.

The Fire and Rescue Services Agency

The Fire and Rescue Services Agency is responsible for fire safety aspects of all buildings under the Fire Protection Act.

The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is responsible for occupational health and food safety under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Food Act.

The Tourism Department

The Tourism Department is responsible for setting the criteria and establishing standards for tourism service providers; and monitoring the quality of service and comfort of guests. However, the only way for the Tourism Department to ensure compliance with these standards is by recommending or not recommending the issuance of a license to the SLA depending on the compliance of an establishment to the established standard of service and comfort. 

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